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Specializes in single ingredient powders and capsules to aid in athletic performance.  Easily stackable for convenience and economics.  Stack it. Mix it. Get it.

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Help natural athletes pursue athletic excellence through endurance, muscle building and weight management. 

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To provide athletes with choices on what to take and how to take their supplements all through one single trusted brand.  For more information about us.

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"Motivate the mind, the body will follow" Choline Bitartrate can be the brain boost you need.

December 09, 2015

"Motivate the mind, the body will follow" Is your failure to meet your fitness goals about more then just not making the most of your workouts.  Like many people, my stress levels are directly related to how I see my life.  Killing a workout is how I de-stress my mind and body, but is it always enough?  Am I missing something... Did you know? Choline deficiency has been correlated to: stress fatigue insomnia poor ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine problems with memory nerve-muscle imbalances Athletes in many sports including, bodybuilding use it for delaying fatigue, especially in endurance sports. Athletes don't have average goals for themselves.  A large part of any athletes life is spent pushing themselves past...

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#LiveLongLifer brand Ambassador info!

November 17, 2015

LiveLong Nutrition and Southland Performance Products are searching for brand ambassadors nationwide!  We all know fitness and health is a lifestyle and expect you to be a #Lifer in this game of fitness.   Do you love fitness and health and LiveLong products?  Are you active in spreading the word about living life healthy and productive?  This is for you.   As a LiveLongLifer you will do product demos in supplement stores and promote on social media.  This is a nation wide search!  Stores and gyms can include any of the major chains throughout the USA. Compensation: Monthly supplements and swag Requirements: -You must have experience with LiveLong Nutrition products -Be at least 18 years old -Be active on social media...

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